– Are you an American Express credit card holder? Is your American Express credit card not working as it should. You have come to the right place as we will provide solutions and guide you and help you resolve your queries. Confirm your American Express credit card with ease with our help.

You can easily confirm your American Express credit card. Just adhere to the following steps and your card will be confirmed without any issues.

American Express or AmEx is one of the top credit companies in USA providing credit card services. Ever since the company was established in 1850, we have been pursuing excellence, even though we did not start in the banking business, we are now a leading force in the industry.

Follow the below mentioned steps to confirm your American Express card. Requirements

Arrange the following necessary items before starting the confirmation process for your American Express card.

  1. Personal computer
  2. Secure internet connection
  3. Username password (For users already registered)
  4. Email address (For users registering for the first time)
  5. Your 15 digit American Express card number
  6. Your security code on the back of your American Express card
  7. Your name as printed on the American Express card
  8. Your birth date
  9. Your Zip code
  10. Middle name of your mother
  11. Your address
  12. Your phone number

You must have all these handy when confirming your American Express credit card online.

Note: Some conditions can prove to be a problem even if you have all the necessary information at hand for American Express confirm card. Make sure that these conditions are met before going for your card confirmation/verification.

Prerequisite Conditions

  • Card holder should be a citizen of USA
  • Card holder should be above 18 years old.
  • High credit score/ Clean credit history
  • Should not have claimed bankruptcy within the past 7 years
  • Your finances should not be under litigation

If you fulfil these conditions, move to the following steps. Online Confirmation

Now that you have fulfilled the conditions required for credit card confirmation and have all the necessary things with you, you can now start the process for your American Express confirm card. Lets start with the process.

  • Start your internet browser
  • Connect to internet
  • Go to
  • You can also go to the official website and click on the confirm card button.
  • On the landing page, you will welcomed and asked for your card details
  • Fill your card details in the American Express credit card picture
  • Click “Continue” after you have filled all the details
  • You will reach the login/registration page
  • Login to your American Express account if you are already registered
  • New users must create an account by registering
  • Provide your email address and set up a password
  • Fill your personal details like name, address, card number, phone number etc.
  • Click “Finish” after you are done
  • Your confirmation is complete. You can now use your American Express credit card. Congratulations! Phone Confirmation

If you cannot access the internet, you can confirm your American Express credit card over the phone. It is a valid form of confirmation and is more convenient as you don’t have to do all the paperwork by yourself. Simply call the number provided here and ask the operator to confirm your American Express credit card.

The toll free number is open 24/7 and you can simply call and get your American Express credit card confirmed/verified and activated.

Activation Phone Number: 1-800-362-6033

To get your card verified and activated-

  • Call on the toll free number – 1-800-362-6033.
  • Follow the customer service operator through the card confirmation process.
  • Answer the customer service operator when they ask for the card you want to confirm.
  • Provide the details when asked for by the operator.

Note: A real customer service operator will never ask for sensitive information like your CVS number etc.

  • Once the operator confirms your details as per the company records, your card will be confirmed and activated.

American Express Gift Card Registration

The American Express gift cards cannot be used without being registered first. Registration is also necessary if you wish to use your American Express gift card for online transactions.

All online stores verify the billing address of the credit cards, thus it is essential that your register your American Express gift card as an unregistered gift card does not have a billing address.

  • Call the toll free number- 1-877-297-4438
  • Provide your 15 digit gift card number and the security code on the back.
  • Your card will then be registered and can be used for online transactions. Customer Service

You can contact the American Express customer service in case your problem is still not solved or if you have another issue. The customer service helpline is open 24/7, every day of the year.

American Express Contact Details

You can get in touch with the American Express customer support via two methods. You can either contact them through phone or mail.

To reach the American Express customer helpline, dial on-

1-800-954-0559 (Local)

1-801-449-4019 (International)

You can also mail them on the following address-

4315 S 2700th W

Salt Lake City, UT 84184